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July 25, 2014
Macon | Mostly Cloudy 70°F Wind SW 6mph
July 25, 2014
Atlanta | Light Rain 69°F Wind S 17mph
July 25, 2014
Savannah | Partly Cloudy 71°F Wind S 6mph

Georgia Weather

Georgia enjoys mild temperatures all year round due to its latitude and proximity to the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico. Our summers are warm (average monthly temperatures in the summer range from 27°-35° Celsius), our falls brisk and sunny, our winters mild and our springs are blooming with dogwoods and azaleas. Georgia has moderate rainfall each year and varying snowfall from light in the Mountains to virtually none in other regions, especially those south of the Atlanta area.  It offers some of the very best southern weather! 



  • Spring – Fair & Bright; 65-80°
  • Summer – Warm & Sunny; 80-95°
  • Fall – Clear & Brisk; 55-75°
  • Winter – Mild & Cool; 50-60° 















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