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July 29, 2014
Birmingham | Light Rain Fog/Mist 69°F Wind S 14mph
July 29, 2014
Huntsville | Overcast 67°F Wind SW 12mph
July 29, 2014
Mobile | Light Rain 74°F Wind S 8mph
July 29, 2014
Montgomery | Light Rain 73°F Wind S 13mph

Beautiful Alabama weatherAlabama Weather

Weather in Alabama is warm and sunny for the greater part of the year. The average annual temperature is 18°C (64°F), with the northern counties experiencing cooler temperatures and the southern counties having relatively warmer temperatures, as Alabama weather is influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. The average summer temperature is 26° C (79°F) and the average winter temperature is  9°C (48°F). Spring weather in Alabama comes in March, and in October colorful fall foliage can be seen in the northern, central and southeast parts of the state. Snow is a rare weather occurrence except in north Alabama's higher altitudes.  See above for the current Travel South USA weather report in Alabama.

 You could be enjoying the beautiful weather in Alabama

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