Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates
The currency of the United States is the dollar, also known as the American dollar. It is advisable to have some U.S. currency already with you when you enter the country. Although you will be able to exchange money at the airport, the rate of exchange there is usually much lower than what you can find elsewhere.

Where to Exchange Currency
The most important thing to bear in mind when exchanging currency into U.S. dollars is safety. Airports and banks are the safest places to exchange your currency once you are in the United States.

ATM Locators
Another way to exchange currency is through ATM’s that are affiliated with a major bank or credit card. Bear in mind, however, that you might be charged a fee by both the U.S. bank and your bank at home for making the exchange. You might want to consider exchanging your currency in larger sums to avoid incurring additional fees.

Visa and MasterCard are known worldwide so using their ATM’s is usually recommended. You might find their ATM locator links helpful.

MasterCard/Cirrus ATM Locator and Visa ATM Locator

Check Current Exchange Rates
Before exchanging cash, you should research the best exchange rates and always be mindful of commission fees. There are a number of online sites that can be of assistance. Because the currency exchange rates change daily, it is a good idea to check the sites regularly.

For up to date exchange rates visit: or (This site also has a currency exchange calculator.)

Traveling with Credit Cards

By far the best way to avoid carrying a lot of money around with you is to have a credit card. However, before you leave home, be sure to check what kind of fee the credit card company may levy for foreign usage.

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